Carmageddon 1.1.486

Classic racing chaos

Carmageddon is a racing game that adds a destructive element to all the races. View full description


Carmageddon is a racing game that adds a destructive element to all the races.

The point of Carmageddon is to win. This is accomplished by completing laps, destroying your opponents, or killing all the pedestrians in a level. Adding other features like a replay editor, achievements, and iCloud support makes the design of the game even better.

Fun at the beginning

Actual gameplay lacks a lot of polish. The driving controls are unresponsive, and the actual driving is very imprecise. To make things more difficult, the lack of an in-game map makes finding opponents difficult.

You cannot really win by completing laps, and Carmageddon focuses on carnage. Playing Carmageddon is fun at first, and the many upgrades available make things interesting, but each level can take so long to complete that interest can start waning.

An average racing experience

Carmageddon sounds like it should be a fun game, but it is actually very limited. There are multiple ways to win, but you have to spend a lot of time in the game to really progress a little.

The in-app purchases can unlock more cars and races, but it tries too hard to remind you that the game is supposed to be nostalgic so that you'll forgive problems in the gameplay.

A reminder of the past that needed to be updated

While the graphics may represent the original game, the visuals look old. That adds to the frustration because the levels are kind of bland and even with the various environments, they are all basically the same.

A classic in more ways than one

Carmageddon spends a lot of time trying to say that it's original and classic, but the port of the game is missing a lot of polish and updating to properly make the jump to 2013.



Carmageddon 1.1.486